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The Van Gogh File
the myth and the man (Souvenir Press, London, 2004).
Chinese and Spanish editions in 2015
A novel work of new journalism. Suspense and serious detective work in Antwerp and London hunting for a lost Van Gogh combines with absurd episodes and discoveries in England, Belgium, France and the Netherlands. Revealing encounters that cast new light on Vincent. Media coverage worldwide.

A Wilder Vein
(Two Ravens Press, 2010). English. An anthology edited by Linda Cracknell.
Writer of short story Routes in this collection of new literary non-fiction that focuses on the relationship between people and the wild places of Britain and Ireland, articulating discoveries and new ways of seeing. Recommended reading by The Independent.
and broadcast on BBC radio.

A Day with De Kooning
(Willem de Kooning Academy, Rotterdam, 2007) English and Dutch.
A unique action profile of the Dutch stowaway who changed the face of American art. Wilkie and photographer Eddy Posthuma de Boer spent a day with De Kooning while he was working in his studio in Long Island. Interviews with author on Dutch TV and radio.

Dutch Heights
(Dutch Heights Foundation, Heemstede, 2010)
Editor of English-language launch edition. Richly-illustrated annual of high points from the worlds of Dutch architecture, art, dance, design, fashion, film, illustration, literature, music, photography and theatre. Idea: Jalink / Eisema, Heemstede. Book concept: Irma Boom, Amsterdam. The American Institute of Graphic Arts exhibited Dutch Heights internationally in 2011 as one of the best designed books in the world.

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